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Monkey brother takes you to play Dragon Boat Festival

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Ah, unconsciously,
The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon!
Did the little friends have the smell of the scorpion?
Attracted by the "three thousand feet of saliva"?
You know that the Dragon Boat Festival is more than just eating dumplings.
As the saying goes:
"May 5, after the Dragon Boat Festival,
Rowing dragon boats, grabbing ducks, happy and inspiring. ”
Now there are more tricks at the Dragon Boat Festival.
You are not mistaken
It was really a monkey brother who was eating seaweed on one side.
I still don’t forget to recommend seaweed to passersby.
Is this awkward?
Still have to talk about the Anping Bridge Dragon Boat Festival
The longest stone bridge in ancient China
Anping Bridge, annual Dragon Boat Festival
That’s all popular, very hot
On such a hot day, everyone doesn’t stay at home and blows air conditioners.
But they all rushed to Anping Bridge to participate in the Dragon Boat Festival.
Visible its charm
Not only custom performances
Poetry and calligraphy
"Anping Ancient Town Haisi Famous City" Photography Exhibition, etc.
The most interesting ones
"Capture Ducks on the Water"
After catching the ducks barefoot through a long bamboo pole,
Open the cage hanging from the top of the raft,
Release the ducks and jump into the water to duck
Get it all when you catch it.
To say the most powerful, of course,
While eating seaweed, watching the water catching the ducks
Crisp seaweed plus the enthusiastic recommendation of the monkey brother
Are you more excited?
Look at the old sun seventy-two changes
Change to a new dress to continue to sell seaweed
Seaweed crispy crispy and delicious
During the Dragon Boat Festival, you can enjoy crispy
This year's Dragon Boat Festival 6.16-6.18
Joy is still with you.
Anping Bridge Park is a lively festival
Eating seaweed while watching the swimming and catching the duck
New gameplay, new happiness