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Talents Wanted

Talents Wanted

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Jinjiang Lilu Food Co., Ltd. is a provincial-level key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization and a leading enterprise in the marine industry of Fujian Province. The company was founded in 2002. It is mainly engaged in the production and processing of marine green food, supplemented by the production and processing of meat products. Large-scale agricultural and sideline products deep processing enterprises integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and brand promotion. The company mainly produces seaweed, instant seaweed, meat products, processing Japanese, Thai, Korean series of seaweed products, producing its own brand of meat products, meat, meat, meat and other meat products.
Recruitment position:
5 regional managers, 10 provincial managers, 1 marketing manager, 2 food developers, 1 meat product factory, 1 meat technician, 1 seaweed technician
For details of recruitment, please visit the website (news consultation) for details, or add our public number “Happy Food”.